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MOXIE Solutions Development is currently gathering feedback for NextPitch. Check back on May 1 for our next competition!

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Monthly Pitch


Where young innovators share their ideas. All innovators set goals and can earn backer contributions.

The 3 pitch entries with the most votes each month receive a $100 bonus award.*

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*Transaction fees, including credit and debit charges, apply.

Bonus awards for special partner/district competitions will vary. NextPitch follows school district/program financial policies for submissions opting to receive backer funding. Learn more. 


To earn votes, students share their pitch with family, friends, and the world around them.


NextPitch connects innovative youth with backers to fund their goals. 


ProX | Featured partner.

ProX is a program that connects students to professional experiences that prepare them for whatever comes beyond high school. The top 3 pitch teams with the most votes on Friday, July 8 at 4 PM that are also registered with ProX were selected to compete for a special $5,000 award. View the results and learn more on the ProX website. Check out the pitch videos in the Pitch Archive.

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